Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Prepaid At Virgin Mobile Cost Up But Still Worth It

Virgin Mobile raised their prepaid rates.  Techcrunch has the rates for you.

Still, they are worth it considering the rates were pretty low already compared to the other carriers' post-paid plans.  And as always, pre-paid means you can get out whenever you want though you have to buy your own phone without subsidies.  

Having said that, does VM grandfather in plans?  If you've been paying $25 for the low end plan, do you still keep it so long as you keep paying for it?

Personally, this is would I would recommend for people looking for Android devices with good plans.  Unfortunately for myself, I have family oblligations that require a shared family plan.  One of my smart mobile warrior friends do have the low end VM plan for emergency uses and the included unlimited data use.

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