Sunken UFO? Not Likely But I Want To Believe

If this had been a X-Files episode, Mulder would be all over this like flies on…well, you know. According to, a Swedish research team lead by Peter Lindberg was during a survey when they stumbled upon a round object, 60 ft in diameter, on the ocean floor between Finland and Sweden.

Further evidence suggests that the object was moved there (crashed?) due to markings on the ocean floor that showed the environment was disturbed in such a way.

While there is no evidence that this round formation is of extraterrestrial origin, Lindberg, who isn’t aN ufologist, he believe it to be a Stonehenge of sort. Regardless of it could be, it certainly has brought attention to his work.

Here is a video showing us the scan.

So, interested in chipping a couple of bucks to launch an expedition to recover the alien craft?

Note: I want to believe but right now, I’m not ready to call this thing an “object”. I’ll go with “formation” until further evidence suggests otherwise. But this would be a great opportunity for a well funded science cable network to launch a special show based on its exploration and/or recovery.


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