Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tough Crowd in Sydney For the Touchpad Launch

Sydney Morning Herald isn't a paper I typically fancy myself reading if ever.  I mostly don't venture beyond papers in the US and a few English papers.  Once in a while I'll stumble north of the border if The Globe and Mail has something really really interesting to say.  And for me, ABC is the ABC but once in a while, I'll read something and, before long, realized it's the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, not the American Broadcasting Company.

So when SMH post on the Touchpad was decidedly negative, I was intrigued.  Adam Turner, SMH's very own mobile warrior, did not mind slicing through what I'm sure to be carefully crafted catchphrases.  Though why he cannot be impressed by the cards and Synergy is beyond me.

But he did made one very important point.  The mainstream tablet users have the iPad, power users have the option of Honeycomb tablets while Playbook is trying to hold RIM's ground in enterprise.  So, where does that leave Touchpad?  

Still, these Aussies are tough hombres.  That or the Touchpad is in a lot of trouble.  I think it could be a little of both.

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