Monday, July 25, 2011

US Also Under Domestic Terror Threat

This CNN report focuses on the potential terrorist threat from within.  And you probably don't have to venture far to guess that the threats come from the right-wing extremists.

It is not that the left are nicer or aren't as willing to shed innocent blood but let's face it, the information we are provided on a daily basis and with cable networks like Fox News sprewing hate and misinformation as well as right-leaning radio hosts that offer skewed reality.  Would anyone be surprised if we had another Oklahoma City style attack and it turned out to be someone who is against a black president, thinks his taxes are too high, or doesn't like the immigration policies? 

As someone who is right of center and more right than the political climate of my state, I see the need to educate myself beyond the noise we hear on the airwaves.

It is just unfortunate that such a threat can exist at all.  But then again, if it isn't cable news or the radio talkshows, I am sure the nutjobs will find other more hateful materials and beliefs to latch onto and act upon.

Source: CNN

Note: While I disparged Fox News and talk radio, I wonder it is also possible that threats from domestic right-wing elements could be worse if there was no right-leaning media that served as release values for right-wingers to vent.  Perhaps, the threats from the left is not as bad because they do have more avenues in the media to connect with like minds.

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