Saturday, July 2, 2011

US Deficit - New Topic For This Blog

I just finished watching IO USA.  It's a documentary produced by the Peterson Foundation.

It's a very fluffy piece.  It's trying not to point fingers - not harshly but they hinted.

I recommend that folks go visit the site and read up what our federal deficit is all about and what needs to be done.  It's very daunting.

I like that government can help people but I also think that we need to be realistic about what we can expect going forward.

I started this blog about mobile.  Then I got into green tech.  From time to time, you'll read a post or two about exciting new renewable tech or a solar plant that I like to highlight.  But I suppose for our US readers, I like to share thoughts on our future.

So far, President Obama's time in office has not been easy.  Can't blame him but at the same time, we have seen a huge spike in federal spending.  And at some point, the president has to say enough is enough - to those in his party.

And you'll also want to know about the debate going on in Washington regarding the debt ceiling.  Here's a CNN post on some FAQ regarding it.  I came away realizing that it's all a show for the American people.

It's disheartening really.  I had hope that this president would be the one to address it.  Now that the economy is stabilized (albeit growing slower than everyone hope), Washington will put politics aside and come up with a viable solution for the future.

And to start that process, it's our job to understand what the heck is going on, how we got here, and what shared sacrifices are going to be required of us.  That's right.  There will be a lot of pain.

Just look at Greece - unpopular austerity policies adopted by Greek parliament amidst protests.  We're not there yet but we will be soon.

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