Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whatever Came of the Meeting Between President Obama and the Tech CEOs Earlier This Year?

While I'm sitting here drinking my coffee with the Girl Scout cookies my friend's daughter sold me, I tweeted that I'm excited about the Twitter town hall meeting with President Barack Obama. 

My tweet was "waiting on President Obama's #twitter town hall, it's no#Steve Jobs keynote but I'll take it..."  

At the same time, I thought back that dinner/meeting the President had with the titans of Silicon Valley including Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs.  

So, what came of the meeting?  I like to think that some substantial came from the dinner.  Maybe I'm more cynical in my old age but I find it hard to see if any new national policy on education, taxes, or push for innovation in the US came of it.

There was no official briefing or anything like that after the dinner.  Does anyone know more about it?  Since then I know the President started using an iPad 2.  Perhaps, he ought to ditch the Blackberry and get a Droid

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