Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Android Trojan Records Phone Calls

I've always thought that it would be possible for an app to be able to record every keystroke on your mobile device or even intercept calls.  We've seen it happen in Hollywood movies but it looks like this is happening for real.  

When CNet posted this online today, I immediately when to all the Android blogs to see if they can shed more light on this.  So far, no other Android blogs have picked this up, a conscientious effort or not, I don't want to speculate.  So, I'll be the first to do it then.

There is an Android app when installed is able to record the user's phone conversations.  The malware mimics the standard installation page of regular apps and convinces users to install it.  Once the appropriate files have been installed and a call is made, the phone call is recorded onto the local SD card. 

From there, the call can be uploaded by the perpetrators.  

So far, this malware is an Android only issue but it doesn't mean that in the future, other mobile platforms, even walled garden ones like the iPhone, are immune.  It takes vigilance on the part of developers, handset makers, and the users.

So, here I am.  First Android blog to write about this.  My fellow Android warriors, be careful about where you download your apps.  Only go with trusted sources and you'll be able to continue enjoying your mobile experiences.

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