Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Android Version of NATO: Sharing Or Licensing Patents Among Android Makers Could Be Key To Lawsuits

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created with mostly Western nations during the height of the Cold War to ward off the Soviet threat.  Now, it serves more like what Starfeet is to the Federation in Star Trek.  That is besides the point.  The point is that the Open Handset Alliance Google created to put Android should begin acting like an alliance.  It also needs to protect all its members.  

And if one member is being sued, the OHA should come to the aid of that member, regardless of whether it's Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, or a patent troll.

Google needs to use some of its profit and contribute to a fund that can be used in litigation or obtain patents to be used as a defensive measure.  

Admittedly, the patent war is near nuclear between Apple and HTC and Apple and Samsung.  Had the alliance come to the aid of its members earlier, even Apple might not be so quick to global army of lawyers at the Android makers.  

Furthermore, members should also be encouraged to contribute patents for a nominal free.  Again, this is all for each of their own protections.  Google should also contribute a large portion of its profits.  This would show that Google, yes, is in this to make money, but it is also serious about maintaining an ecosystem where its partners can also prosper.

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