Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Can Motorola Still Start A New Patent War Against Fellow Android Device Makers? If So, Might Not Be A Bad Thing

An earlier On Android post, before Google bought Motorola Mobility, analyzed if Motorola would actually go to war against other Android device makers.  Obviously, it was enough saber-rattling to get Google to fork over $12.5 billion.

Now, I ask this.  By operating MM as an independent company, Google wants to portray "fairness".  Even though its finances are going to be tied with its new phone business, it still wants to make it compete with other Android device makers.

Well, great and all but it also means that if its truly autonomous, then could MM still sue other Android device makers, collect royalty payments, or force cross-licensing?
Yeah, it can.  I really hate to think that Google has become this diabolical.  If MM does sue and the others complain, Google will say "I can't do anything about it....them, not me.  I have no control over MM".

I think with this MM play, Google may well approach other Android device makers and create an alliance where patents can be pooled and used to protect each other against outsiders while use the vast new patent weapon to force patent considerations.

Say Google wants Apple's newest multi-touch or battery technology, it'll force the issue or face the combined might of a bigger Android patent pool.


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