Monday, August 8, 2011

Comcast's $150 Netbook and $10 Internet Access A Big Step In Right Direction; Role For Chrome OS And OLPC In US

Pulse 2, via Mashable, reports Comcast is offering a $150 netbook with a $10 a month Internet access for low income families.

I think it's a fantastic idea that doesn't require government subsidies of any kind. And if the government does want to get involved, it should be to help other ISPs come up with similar offers and to facilitate expanding Internet use to those who have difficulty getting access.

There are stipulations that a family must meet in order to get this deal.

So, is Comcast doing this out of the kindness of their hearts?  No.  This is part of the Comcast-NBC merger deal.  

Nevertheless, this is a program that deserves our attention.  Companies out to do what they can help make sure more people can access the Internet or computer.  I think it should be a great opportunity for OLPC or Google's Chrome OS to shine in this area.  Both OSes offers the chance for device makers to build low cost netbooks.

OLPC's XO laptops costs $199 each.  The mean cost on the low end for netbooks is around $220.  Even at those prices and the processing power these little devices pack, they will be more than enough for most famiy's educational needs.

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