Friday, August 19, 2011

Green: California Waste Plant Is Also A Hydrogen and Electricity Plant – Uses Sewage

In California, a hydrogen fueling station just went online powered by waste.  Yup, my own state.  And it is known as a tri-generation plant – it produces heat, electrocity, and hydrogen.

By using sewage water, this plant just to the south of Los Angeles county, methane is created in tanks that is put through a purification process and from there into a fuel cell.

The fuel cell is used to create electricity for use (I think for the facility itself), the heat also created for use, and the hydrogen is used to power hydrogen vehicles – with the capacity to fuel up to fifty tanks a day a the while create 250 KW of electricity.

All of this from sewage.  If more waste from all over the country can use this tri-generation plant or something similar, the US would have enough capacity to power up to two hundred million hydrogen vehicles.

You think “great, let’s do this!”.  That’s what my poor poor old self would have said.  The problem is we don’t have the infrastructure to get this done.  And this is in a blue state, where we are probably more open to these green ideas.  Furthermore, there are those who have a lot invested in the oil-based economy.

Source: Green Car Site.


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