Green: Energy and GE To Collaborate on 10 to 15 MW Turbine

Loving this story much.

In conjunction with the Oakridge Lab, General Electric will work with the Department of Energy to develop and commercialize 10-15 MW wind turbine.

According to Renewable Energy World, GE will apply "architecture and cryogenic cooling technology along with MRI magnetic technology that could have more economy of scale and reduce the cost of energy produced by the turbines".  

Basically, GE and the DOE are looking to make the production of wind power cheaper.  It'll happen in two phases.  Development and then commercialization.  

Will we see more of this?  Difficult to say one way or another.  It depends on the political climate in Washington.  Maybe a state like California or Texas can do their own R&D in clean tech like this.  The point is that this kind of government help is good for the whole nation.  

Consider all those neat weapons that keeps us safe - they don't happen without government help or need.  


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