Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Green: Export of US Solar Goods Up 100%

First, I'm pretty conservative when it comes to fiscal matters.  And I know the reality of politics should mean you have to compromise and try to get what you can.  That was before the extremists on both ends of the political spectrum took over in Washington.  No, I'm not just taking a shot at politicians.  

I want to say that with sensible policies, like these grants from the federal government, we can help an industry grow without having a whole lot of oversight and other government involvement.  100% Increase in solar export.  Try to find another industry here in the US that can make such a claim

While the source articles feign surprise, no one should be.  Whether you like the President's politics or not, he's right about this.  Green tech revolution is what this country's economy should be based on.  

Basically, in the US imported $3.75 billion in solar goods and equipment while exported $5.63 billion.  And if this and other green friendly policies are allowed to flourish, we should expect a sudden boom in green jobs.  Keep in mind that as we upgrade our energy infrastructure, these are jobs that cannot be outsourced.  

Yes, it'll take some government help in terms of loans and grants but that's nothing politicians should want to oppose.  And it's good for national security.

Source:  Inhabitat, GRIST.

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