Monday, August 22, 2011

Green House Gas Emmission, Carbon Dioxide, Rose 4% in 2010

Due to economic recovery, coal use helped CO2 emission to jump 4%.

While that was largely unavoidable, it does demonstrate just how much we still rely on dirty energy and shows that we need to double-down on green tech and renewable power sources.

Look, China subsidizes its green industry like solar manufacturers.  That’s one of of doing it.  The federal government should offer incentives to use green power.  This is doubly needed for our manufacturing base.  Hire in the US and tie that into green efforts.

I know most political leaders on the right won’t admit it but green tech and job growth now go hand-in-hand.  It’s a vicious cycle but in a good way.  More unlimited renewable power means we’ll see cheaper energy from dirty power, that’ll drive employment for the green industry, which will make goods cheaper to provide because of cheaper energy.

More people working means bigger market for these goods.  And cleaner air if that matters to anyone.

Source:  Inhabitat.

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