Green: Rick Perry, GOP Nominee, Thinks Scientists Manipulate Data On Warming (Great...)

This is exact what we like to hear from someone who could be in the White House next (sarcasm)...if not 2012, maybe 2016...

I'm a conservative.  I guess those of us who think things through instead of playing politics (that's a majority of Americans) can see that green is good.  But even if you don't believe in global warming, how is pushing green energy for economic growth and national security a bad thing?

How is making sure we have clean air, clean water, and making sure the environment stays the way God gave it to us a bad thing?

How is making sure there are no mass extinctions a bad thing?

Well, I started this rant because not only is Rick Perry okay with a default on US debts, he's one of those who will get rid of the EPA.  While I think the EPA can be inept depending on which way the political wind is blowing, Perry just wants to stop all federal effort on the environment.

Free market at all cost.  Take no know...the way China is doing it.  Ask them about their sick babies, exploding watermelons, and the Yellow River that actually does look yellow.

So, let me ask this again?  Why does a conservative have to preserving the environment or green tech?

Source:  Huffington Post.


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