Health: One in Ten Biz Is Considering Ending Health Coverage - I'm Not Sure This Is All That Bad...Yet

According to a survey conducted by Tower Watson, a healthcare consultant firm, one in ten mid-sized or big businesses is thinking of getting rid of health coverage for their employees once health care exchanges mandated by the Obama healthcare plan goes into effect in 2014.

First, let's not be alarmists yet.  This is scary.  Definitely but I'm not sure if this is like a bad thing at all.  Not for everyone.  

The businesses did the math and figure its probably cheaper for them to pay fines and let their employees find insurance plans on the exchanges.  Some of these plans will be subsidized by the government for those low-wage earners.

On top of that, firms are still weighing their options but it should give us an indication of where health care is headed.  Furthermore, the healthcare plan is currently going to the SCOTUS to be decided of the individual mandate is constitutional or not.

Clearly, this is something those of us on Main Street will want to keep an eye on.

Source:  Yahoo.


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