Mars May Be Teeming With Life

Okay, the post from doesn't say what I'm saying in the title but I'm just gonna try ahead of what I think we should be expecting from the government soon.  First a step back.

A new NASA study from the Mars Phoenix Lander suggests that the Martian soil isn't full of oxiders that would have made it near impossible today for life to be exists - specially organic compounds.  In fact, the soil is benign.  

The study is to help determine whether life could have existed on Mars.  

Here's where my suppositions come in.  Mars' ecosystem may not be as vibrant as ours or that its atmosphere as violent as those on some moons in our solar system.  But there is so little that we actually know about Mars and so much more of it to be explored that we cannot rule anything out.

Furthermore, more and more of what we are learning points to possibility of not only life is its ancient past but as recent as today.  We've found ice, and possible water.  We know that the microbes can flourish on the most extreme conditions on Earth.  Such discoveries with certain consistent conditions on Mars should give us allowance that life does indeed exist on Mars.

Now, I'm not talking about walking and thinking Martian folks but bacteria or something like that.

The research found the soil on Mars with just as much reactivity as those on Earth.  

This report and others that come before it is a good indication that science is moving us closer to thinking along the line that life may be more persistent and prevalent than we give it credit for.  May be the government will come out and acknowledge something a few conspiracy theorists already know.

Source:  Space.


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