Maybe UCLA Can Find Gaddafi (They Found Bin Laden A Year Before The CIA Did)

Embattled dictator Moammar Gaddafi wasn't doing with his ship.  I mean with his compound.  So, where could he be?  Obviously, he is still in Libya.  And right now, the hunt is on for him.

I'm sure the rebels are doing what they can to find him while still trying to secure Tripoli.  And I'm sure NATO is dedicating much resources to that end.  

Perhaps, the allies should look to a UCLA geography project that found Osama Bin Laden back in 2009.  Then, using a math model the geography researchers at UCLA created to track animal distribution, they used this same model to see if they can find Bin Laden.

They predicted where he could possibly be, living in a big city (just a few hundred meters from Pakistan's own West Point), and the conditions he lived in (high walls, security, type of housing).  And sure enough, the Navy SEALs found him to be in a similar living situation and not in some cave as many in the media had us believing.

Obviously, the CIA continues to be dismissive about the project.  But maybe the Libyan rebels and NATO should give Westwood a ring.

Source:  CNN.


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