Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mobile Also For Religion, Not Just Gov, Ed, or Biz

I am sitting in a lecture about the virtues of having religion in one's life. I guess having faith in something is always good. Something beyond what is here.

As I was walking around, in my awkward self, out of place (I am not particularly religious), I naturally found things that I could relate to. Mobile tech.

My dad's temple is pretty high tech. Wireless network, laptops, server room, and a learning room with computers for kids.

And I got to thinking about this. Some churches and temples (mosques, maybe?) are more accepting of technology than others. I assume that as established organizations, they probably are behind those of other institutions.

Governments are generally pretty high tech these days (nothing can be done about inefficiency of the bureaucracy) as are businesses. Education is being lead by higher education to be followed by high school and then primary schools.

And religious groups in general probably are behind the times. Imagine taking the wireless and mobile tech in a lecture hall and bringing it into the church.

Bringing able to connect with the congregation or even just the local flock with apps or social media specific for religion.

Again, I am not particularly "religious" about my religion. I've been to churches and temples. Big ones or those in homes. And if I want to "spread the word", mobile tech would be a part of any solution I use.

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