Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mobile: AT&T Forces Users To Go With All or Nothing Texting Plans – Desperation Shows As Billions In Revenue In Jeopardy

So, AT&T decides to screw its users by going with an all-or-nothing texting plan.  And yeah, they call it streamlining but those of who have been watching AT&T closing since 2007 when the iPhone went on sale call it “desperation”.  How are they desparate?

Simple.  The days of texting as a revenue are coming to an end and AT&T knows this.  According to Daring Fireball and Paris Lemon, it has to do with iMessage that will be on any device running iOS 5 and the Macs.  That’s tens of millions of users who will be moving beyond texting.

Personally, I’ve given it up a long while back.

What will the other carriers do?  Well, here’s the interesting part.  They may follow AT&T and do the same thing.  Furthermore, I think something else will happen.

Soon, carriers will need to bundle texting into their voice plans just to keep users.  If rumors about pre-paid iPhones are true, you can see the iPhone running on Virgin Mobile or MetroPCS.  Their prepaid plans generally include unlimited texting.

Not only will the major carriers have to compete with new iPhone carriers in the pre-paid market but they’ll have to contend with cheaper plans.  No way Verizon and AT&T can compete with $50 or $60 unlimited talk, texting, and wireless Internet access.


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