Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mobile: GPS Disruption Due To Solar Flares; Power Operators Are Ready

According to a report from CNN, we are at the peak of a 11-year cycle of solar activities.  

First, let's educate ourselves.  There are three classes of flares according to Space Weather:

  • C Class - few noticeable disruptions
  • M Class - can cause brief radio disruptions in the polar regions.  Someone should warn Santa in the North Pole and the aliens hiding in Antarctica.
  • X Class - expect planet wide disruption with radio blackouts and radiation storms to follow.  This is the worst.

Each of these class are ten times stronger than the before it.

This is signification because of the number of radio based devices we are using today.  Considering how many people today uses the GPS function on their mobile devices, it is definitely something worth considering.  It's recommended that you read up on solar activities because of the cycle we are in.

Also, it's prudent to have a backup, like actually write out your directions should your GPS system become affected by a future flare.  Download the directions and store it in your phone.  Print out the directions just in case.  Memorize it.

On top of that, utility companies are ready for possible disruptions.  

Personally, we don't really have anything to worry about for the most part.  What's important is that we understand what's going on and be prepared as always.

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