Monday, August 22, 2011

Mobile: HP Claims Web OS Still Coming to Devices And PC - Looks Like They've Settled On A Sale Strategy

According to PreCentral, HP's Web OS global chief has confirmed today that Web OS isn't dead.  Just the hardware part and that it'll still be coming to the likes of printers and PCs.

And while he admitted that HP has not decided where to go with it, in my mind, it's settled.  If Web OS is going to PCs and HP is looking at getting rid of the PC business, they'll be bundling Web OS along with the spin-off, make someone else pay for the $1.2 billion that it cost them to buy Palm, and let the new buyer worry about Web OS at that point.

Anything else would not make sense.  Why would you buy from HP a business involves Web OS working on the PCs but you're supposed to license it from them. that smacks of when eBay bought Skype but did not buy the underlying technology that made Skype work.

So, there you have it.  Things can still change.  HP has asked for 12-18 months to work this out.  But I think they're settled ridding themselves of Web OS plus PC business.  Maybe even printers as well.

Source:  PreCentral.

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