Mobile: Tribune To Sell Tablets As A Way To Sell Newspapers And Services

Would you buy your next Android tablet from your paperboy? Well, okay, not quite like that but I’m not too far off either. Tribune is looking to sell its subscribers Android-based tablets.

 And this could be the start of a new subscription model that has been missing to old print media.

 According to Android Community, Tribune will offered the tablet for free or at a subsidized price for multi-year subscriptions. Like what is going on with the wireless market now.

 Let me tell you, I am excited by the “think different” attitude by these newspaper men. In addition to news, there will be localization (Group-on like service?), customized apps, and even a wireless plan.

 I am very excited by this. I can’t put an odd on whether this will take off or not but it certainly does offer what many of us have been talking about. Old media has to evolve to survive.

 Looks like at a few of the papers are trying.


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