Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mobile: Who Is A Potential Winner In the Google-Motorola Marriage? Meego Or Web OS?

We all know just how Google's Android partners reacted to the Motorola Mobility buyout.  Publicly, there was words of support.  After all, Google acted, probably to buy the MM patents in the ongoing patent war between Android and others.  

Privately, I wonder if they're happy about the deal.  Sure, they expect Google to act but buying one of their competitors?  It's one of those things that as a mobile fan, you want to happen but doesn't really expect it to happen.  Now, we don't really know just what Google plan on doing with MM just yet.  

Google expects one of its own subsidiary to compete with outsiders for business like Nexus or something.  Google is a publicly traded company.  If push comes to shove, it'll pick one of its own over HTC, Samsung, or Sony.  Or anyone else.  

So, this is a grand opportunity for one of the other mobile platforms to try to insert itself into the conversation.  Windows Phone has Nokia for the moment but that doesn't mean Microsoft isn't positioning itself as the go-to platform.  

So it has me thinking:  Web OS or Meego?  Who can benefit from the tectonic shift in the Android landscape.  A good analogy would be a supercontinent suddenly fragmenting.  That could be what is going to happen with the sizable market share that Android now has.  It could have Android partners looking at one of these other platforms to making their livelihoods off of.

I don't know much about Meego but I reckon it's more Android like while Web OS, controlled by HP, is more like Windows Phone.  And if Intel, Meego supporter, can move fast enough and provide incentives for switchers, it could really position itself as an alternative to Android.

People who are not keen on iOS, Windows Phone, or Web OS but want a more open environment could see Meego as the ultimate destination.  

Now, it will not be easy.  Android has such a sizable lead and more than 300K apps.  Pulling device makers away from Android might be easier than trying to convince users to switch platforms.  

Meanwhile, it's likely that device makers will flirt with these other platforms to make sure Google doesn't get out of line too much.


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