Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nokia's Windows Phones To Undercut Android Phones, Some Are Free

Nokia's North American head promised competitive pricing on its upcoming Windows Phone devices that will undercut Android devices.

It's important to understand the statement.  Microsoft and Nokia will be gunning for Android devices with all guns blazing.  Sure, Microsoft and Apple are still going to be at it but at least this year, it'll look like the iPhone 4 and whatever comes after is the focus just yet.

And there are a couple of things that Microsoft and Nokia wants to do that they were not doing a year ago.  It's a must read.  See, this isn't HTC or Samsung making a play here.  

When HTC or Samsung tries to get into Best Buy or work with the carriers, it's just them.  With Nokia's special relationship with Microsoft, it's two huge companies they are dealing with.  In general, Google does not seem to be involved in the retail push for Android devices.  At the same time, Nokia is still the top phone make in the world.

You go to some parts of the world and you still see folks picking Nokia devices over Samsung, it's next closest competitor.  

Furthermore, there is no way of putting this.  With HTC already paying Microsoft for each Android device it makes, and soon others will too, one can say that extra cash goes back into the push for Windows Phone platform.  

We should get a taste of things to come later this winter.  Most of Nokia's Windows Phone devices will not be out until 2012.  And given the number of Microsoft stores opened or planned, Nokia's devices will hold a special retail spot.  

Of course, Google can still turn things on Microsoft and Nokia.  Android is no longer free to make.  There is now a cost associated with it and it could go higher.  Google has signaled that it will get into the patent wars.  Maybe there is also Google can do to help fight the rising Android cost.

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