Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nook Shows Mid-Range Tablets Can Survive iPad; Barnes And Noble Brand Is A Plus In Fight Against Kindle

Barnes and Noble is probably going to pretty well for itself in the new publishing and digital age.  Why?  Despite its bookstores losing sale faster than Nook and its ebooks sales are growing, they are growing pretty fast.  

In fact, ebooks sales grew 4X.  Personally, that's a great jump in growth.  The only thing BN has to do is hang in there and show a clear strategy.  

Obviously, I think BN still has a lot of work cut out.  It's going up against ebook sellers that has some pretty deep pockets and clear mobile and digital strategies.  

What's next for BN?  It clearly has more work to do.  I like that Nook Color is doing well and it shows that mid-range tablets have a market  And BN has name recognition that is pretty close to the level of the Kindle.

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