Friday, August 19, 2011

NPR: Technology Helps With Free Speech But Also Suppress It

Today's Friday so Talk of the Nation on NPR becomes Science Friday.  This being a mobile tech, social media, and general trending news site, I figure this topic tonight on NPR should be of interest to you.

Ira Flatow, who sounds like like every other mellow sounding public radio people, except for those Car Talk guys, will be discussing tech and how it aids in expression while it can also be used to suppress speech.

Obviously, the London riots where much of the unrest was orchestrated by criminals and opportunists, the SF BART mobile shutdown, and what governments all over the world learn about social and tech media control.

Yes, folks, if you're not a general science guy, I still must insist you give tonight's chat a listen.

You can go here at NPR or directly to Science Friday.  The broadcast is also available later for download or stream as a podcast so that you can listen to it whenever you want.

Note:  Yes, NPR and other public media generally skews to the left but not so left you can't stand it.  Plus, there's practically no yelling like on cable news or talk radio.  Well, except you have those car guys...but all they do is laugh.


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