Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Onxo Has Moved To A New URL: Clouding Around

I don't know if you've noticed but I've moved OnXo to a new URL.  It's called Clouding Around.  And I very exited about this move.  It means, well, absolutely nothing I suppose.  I simply wanted the feeling ownership.

I've been blogging and sharing with you for a couple of years now and I enjoy the experience.  If anything, move onxo, onandroid and onapple over to Clouding Around solidifies my commitment to all things mobile and the new experiences we see every single day.

And in the mix, I will throw in unique green and political stories that I like to share from time to time.  On Friday, I will continue to provide my favorite video clip of the week which I'll call "Friday Movie".

And obviously, I'll share mobile tips that I think will come in handy to all mobile warriors.

So, I hope nothing changes and that you'll continue to visit and sharing your thoughts with me.

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