Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Peace Talk: Israel Signaled Willingness To Negotiate Based On Cease-Fire Borders

Accoring to MSNBC, Israeli TV reported a possibility of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu willing to start negotiation based on borders set by the 1967 cease-fire. What this means is a remote chance that the peace process laid out by President Barack Obama could have a chance of going forward.

Back when President Obama proposed his framework to based the negotiation on the 1967 borders as a starting point, Netanyahu rejected the plan. It was considered a setback for the President of the United States.

My guess is that the unilateral move by the Palestinians to seek UN recognition had something to do with the change of heart. We will see if this is for real if the move to seek statehood via the UN is dropped. Obviously, if the Palestinians can always restart the process if they believe the peace process does not move forward.

Obviously, things are more difficult today than they were years ago. Issues such Jerusalem and settlements in the West Bank will be difficult to resolve.

Source: MSNBC.

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