Monday, August 15, 2011

Politics: Starbucks CEO Will Not Donate Money To Politicians Until They Do What's Right; Calls On Other Biz Leaders On Both Ends To Do The Same

Starbucks CEO will not be donating a penny to any politicians of any party due to the dysfunctional atmosphere in Washington.  And you know what, he's absolutely right.  We should all follow this example.  

I've supported candidates to both parties, mostly to moderate GOP, and given the state of the Republican party, any money you give them is pretty much useless given how fearful they are of the Tea Party.  Now, I'm not saying the Tea Party is wrong in its believes but it's their unwillingness to seek a viable solution.  And no one is asking them to compromise their principles, some of which I happen to agree with.  

Howard Schultz sent a memo to Starbucks employees before making this announcement and later encouraged his fellow CEOs to do the same.  If indeed corporations now have such large clout as many (including myself) believe, it's time they use it to make the country better.  

He stated that the problem is both parties are concerned about winning elections (reelections) and winning control of power rather than trying to do what's right for the average American  It's his hope that self-imposed ban on political contributions will force elected officials show that they are doing what's right rather than catering to the fringes to show their loyalty to parties

Of course, not all will adhere to this.  There are certainly enough money on both ends of the political spectrum that will be more than happy to step in.  

I think another option would be to help foster a middle ground environment for elected officials that want to work for America rather than use the charged atmosphere for their own political gains.  It's like Mitt Romney asserted, corporations are people too.  Then maybe corporations like Starbucks could work together to show the Democrats and Republicans that we're sick of their games.  

Like the man said, "This is a time for citizenship, not partisanship. It is a time for action".

According to his own research (NYT), Schultz said the political contributions between 2000 to 2008 has jumped 67% from three billion to five billion dollars.  And the only way all politicians would stop with the nonsense if is there was a bipartisan effort to stop funding their games.  

I like to see just how other major companies react and who will answer Howard's call.

Source:  Inquisitr, NYT, PoliticoLink to the e-mail Starbuck CEO Howard Schultz wrote to his employees that started all this.

Note: I'm gonna go buy this man's book!

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