Monday, August 22, 2011

Social: Facebook Has Reached Height, Possible Worse Things To Come

According to Mashable, Facebook's reach may have plateaued and and some possible signs that an ugly decline is about to happen.  I guess people are moving on to other things.  And its reckless plays with user privacy does not help either.

And recently, we reported that Facebook had lost millions of users in North America.  To be fair, it more than made up for it internationally.

However, it's the slowdown in activities on Facebook that is a major issue for one of the biggest violators of privacy on the Internet.  First of all, poking friends is no longer popular anymore. And instead of updating or chatting, folks have opted to use other messaging services.  Perhaps this explains why Skype bought GroupMe.

The study quoted by Mashable indicated pretty much everything dropped across the board except for video uploads.  More worrisome is the number of those under 30s that uses Facebook has dropped faster than any other demographics.

Obviously, Facebook denies this.  What with its IPO just months away, it cannot allow such reporting to derail it.

Source:  Mashable.

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