Thursday, August 18, 2011

Social: Facebook On The Defensive? Why Am I Not Surprised

Facebook has its date with public investors early 2012.  Probably as early as January but I think things are going to be pretty tough for those anti-privacy guys.

Before I continue, I want to say that I am very anti-Facebook and I have been advocating Google+ as the less of two evils because Facebook is constantly trying to break down the crucial privacy walls.  Before Google+ can get to Facebook's level, There is much that Google has to do to get there.

We know that games are coming.

But that's isn't all.  For the moment, it's all the unique ways that people are using G+ for that could be what make people realize just how more social Google+ is than Facebook.

Users plan on using Google+ for more than just another social platform like Facebook and Google has to continue to provide that environment.  Take the defunct Wave for example.  It was a very interesting idea but unfortunately, it was half-baked and even Google could not figure out just what role it served and how it fit into a user's work and life flow.

On top of that, Google for the moment does not seem to be monetizing Google+ in the way Facebook is.  Google doesn't need to hurry in this regard.  It's already incorporated Google+ contents in its search results.  Soon, more users will discover meaningful ways to use those searches.  That could be enough to bring in revenues. After all, search is Google's top profit generator.

How are you, your colleagues, and friends using Google+ in ways that you aren't on Facebook?  Consider that for a moment.  Google+ is has the feel of the early days of the World Wide Web when it was just rudimentary Web portals and simple Websites.  And here we are today.

For Google to win, all it has to do is to keep users interested while keeping a hands-off attitude for a time-being.


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