Tablet: Amazon Should Learn From HP About Web OS Failure and Pricing

Amazon can learn something very valuable from HP’s Web OS debacle. More importantly, it can pick up a couple of things from the frenzy created by the firesale of the Touchpads in the US, UK, and Canada.

 Okay, it’s not like the $99 is something Amazon can pull off with its own Kindle tablet, possibly called the Scribe. But it does have to realize that it has to compete with the iPad on pricing. That is the only differentiator that Amazon can offer. After all, ecosystem to ecosystem, Amazon doesn’t come close.

 For the same price or even just $100 cheaper, why go with anyone else other than a proven tablet with hundreds of thousands of apps and quality that you can depend on. But at $200 cheaper price, a $300 price tag just might be enough to attract more than a few users.


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