Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tablet: Lenovo's $499 Tablet, Did Not Learn HP's Touchpad Lesson

Lenovo's $499 tablet, based on Android, is going on sale.  What are its chances compared to HP's Touchpad?

I like to say that it's better because of the overwhelming number of Android users out there.  But at $499, that's where it'll go right up against the iPad 2.  And Lenovo isn't doing itself any favor by doing this.  Consumers will be asking why would they pick this over the iPad?  This is the same issue other tablet makers have had to deal with.  Ask HP and RIM.

I reckon we'll see a price drop by Black Friday, definitely not to the level of $99 like the Touchpad.  $350 to $380 could convince consumers to give it a second look. The problem for this Lenovo tablet, isn't that is is competing with the iPad but it's also competing with similarly spec'd tablets that also run Android and in some instances, also cheaper by $100.

What this Lenovo tablet has going for it is its unique look that is definitely Thinkpad-esque.  Would that be enough to entice you to buy this over a Tab, Transformer, or a Xoom?  Oh, this tablet also takes pen inputs but that'll cost extra.

Perhaps, the Thinkpad look will convince enterprise users give it a chance.

Source:  Sci-Tech Today.

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