Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tablet: Sony Pricing Itself Out of Content?

Sony's tablets will cost about the same as the iPod 2 and in some cases, more expensive than rival Android tablets.  I have seen what they look like.  I like to reserve full judgment on them until I get to play with one and actually put on through its paces.

However, at the prices Sony is asking for, I wonder if the average recession-job-worrying mobile warriors will even give it a chance.

The Tablet S, which looks like a regular tablet with a fold on one end will cost the same as the iPad 2 - $500 for the 16 GB and $600 for the 32 GB.  It does come with expansion card which has it going for it if you're into it.  But it's nothing we haven't seen other some other Android tablets.

The Tablet P, which is the dual screen device, did not get a pricing for the US market but I imagine it cannot cost much more if at all.

Between the two, I'm more excited about the Tablet P.  I'm interested in knowing just how the UI flows and whether the battery life will hold.

Chances are that if you're reading this, you're interested in mobile tech and you probably will give the Sony tablets a look over.  But I'm worried about the prices that will generally turn folks off.  

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