Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blockbuster Streaming To Pressure Netflix Even More; 30% of Netflix Users Could Abandon Red Envelope

Dish Network's newest asset, Blockbuster, will be coming out with a robust streaming service.  It sounds too good to be true...but i wonder what the cost will be...and if we'll see iOS and Android apps soon too.

Anyway, glad to see this new pressure on netflix, which I happen to have...for now.

Bloomberg has more details on what services could be included.  It mentioned Starz, which just broke off negotiations with Netflix earlier.


Also, a research firm reported by Marketwatch suggests that 30% of current Netflix users could abandon the DVD and streaming services altogether.

Personally, I expect a new Netflix apology and a rollback of the arrogant and offending moves it has made by next week.  But with the Blockbuster offering public by then, I don't know if it'll even matter.

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