Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Did Amazon Just Kill Off The Android Tablet Competition?

With the Kindle Silk and all the trimmings, I think Amazon just killed off all the competition in the tablet market, except for Apple.  But I think everything else is kinda dead or will be soon enough.

I mean the iPad is still the tablet to beat but it does look like Amazon with the 7" tablet priced at $199 has just held off everyone from HTC to Lenovo to Samsung.

Granted that the Kindle tablet will never be able to run Honeycomb or Android 4 but to millions of consumers who are not as knowledgeable as hardcore mobile warriors, that may not matter.  Most people don't even know that the Nook Color, and probably this tablet from Amazon, runs on Android.

Now, I've seen some $199 Android tablets but they're pretty crappy if you ask me.  And this Amazon threat is 7", just wait until they come out with the 10" version.


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