eBook Reader - Dedicated Reader Or Tablet

The prospects of a tablet from Amazon is very exciting. So it the news that there will be a Nook Color 2 this year. But tablets are different from ebook readers. Readers are for, well, reading only. A tablet can do more. So which to get.

I would say that for reading only, readers with e-ink screens make more sense but for multitasking mobile warriors like you and myself, such a decision isn't all that easy.

When I first encountered the Kindle, I found its other non-reading functions intriguing and filled with possibilities. It had some basic Internet use, note taking, and read, obviously. At the time, it was too expensive at $400 for me so I passed on it. I would have used it mostly as a reader and it did not justify the cost.

However, today's regular Kindle and Nook readers are much cheaper and could be a worthy secondary device if you've already got a laptop or tablet.

Now, I am coming at this from someone who does a lot of writing, researching, and other tasks that could benefit from another screen.

I support this is how my workflow works. How about you?


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