Monday, September 19, 2011

Green Economy: US Solar Industry Employs 100K, Nearly 7% Growth

I don't know why folks in Congress are so again renewable power when they are faced with the fact that the solar industry now employs up to 100K American jobs that cannot be outsourced, a 6.8% growth.

According to Tree Hugger, 100,000+ jobs includes those lost due to the bankruptcy of Solyndra and Evergreen.  If anyone wants more evidence that clean renewable power and the ability to for the US to become more energy independent from petro, a source that most of the world gets from unstable states or regions of the world, this is it.

And already, the US military recognize the need to create a self-sustaining source of power, and so should the civilians in the American public.  To take things into perspective, the US economy at large netted a mere 0.7% job growth (REW).

What the Department of Energy and Commerce needs to do is parade the generals and admirals who are making the green push in the military and put them in front of Congress so they can tell them why they're doing it, how it benefit and secure the nation, and puts America on the right path.

I don't think it's that hard.  Forget about framing the argument into one about global warming.  The greening of the economy means jobs and security.

It's that simple.

Source:  Tree Hugger, Renewable Energy World.

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