Green: Greece Turns To Solar To Turn Nation Around

I'm liking Greece's plan a lot and this is the first good thing they've exported since the Olympics.  Okay, I'm just kidding here.  Let's say that Greece has been the armpit of EU and it looks like they've got something going on that could work out.

Solar.  300 sunny days a year.  And that means a lot of solar power.  And that is just how Greece wants to get out of its financial problems and austerity measures.  Project Helios calls for generation of 10 GW of power by 2050.  

Doable?  Sure, I think so.  But I'm the optimistic sort of guy.  But you have to think that the EU does need a lot of electricity going forward.  Not just Greece but the whole Mediterranean can be a huge source of all renewable power, not just solar.  

While the green front is pretty exciting, I wonder just how much this will help with Greece's short-term issues.  There is still going to be a whole lot of pain.

Source: Ecogeek.


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