Friday, September 9, 2011

Green: IBM Study Shows Consumers Are Idiots When It Come to Energy And Its Use

According to IBM, we are very bright when it comes to basic info about power and incentives to cut back on electricity use.  I'll admit this.  It was only in the last year or so that I've begun educating myself about electricity (I nearly flunked my Physics class in college that deal with electricity).  This is very important because things could get more complicated over time as smart appliances, meters, and grids come online.

It shows that power companies need to do more to help its customers learn more.  The survey showed that those with better knowledge tends to understand and appreciate smart tech more favorable than those who are clueless.

I'm sure there are those of us, among our readers, who just appreciate conservation and the idea of green tech.  Still, we do have to find out more about what it is that we can do to educate ourselves and others.  It's a circle that can work well.  

Source:  Earthtechling.

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