Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Green: No To Oil Jobs

Sorry, I know lots of folks are hurting right now with the recession that Main Street has yet to recover from.  But it isn't right that we sacrifice our future for short-term economic gains.  And that's what Big Bad Oil (BBO) wants when they said they'll create 1.8 million jobs if President Obama allows them to drill more in the US.

I reckon the President will likely relent some what but I hope he doesn't sacrifice his dream of a green economy.  According to CNN, BBO will want to drill on both coasts, AWNR, and other public lands. Furthermore, the post also went on to talk about the fracking debate and its effect on water supplies.

Look, bottom line is we're no China.  We don't need to go down that route, which is the destruction of our long-term environmental health for short term economic gains that will not last.  

It's unfortunate that Congress will not come to some sort of agreement to do what is right for the country.  There are targeted proposals that can stimulate hiring in the US.  And the promise of 1.8 million jobs is not something that we'll truly see.  

I'm okay with some limited expansion of drilling if done right but this wholesale opening of the country to BBO and their supporters in Congress (both parties) just should not be allowed.

My proposal is that if we allow BBO to expand drilling, we should designate some of the tax revenues to green economic expansion.  I think that would go a long way in getting the environmentalists onboard.

Source:  CNN.

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