Thursday, September 29, 2011

Holding Out For A $99 Playbook (Updated)

By now you know that RIM's Playbook isn't selling well at all.  It's the second tablet since the Touchpad from Palm (I rather not use the H word) that has been met with dismal sales in the market place.  And with that said, it isn't surprising that you can now get the Playbook for $299 at Best Buy.

Not a bad deal.  That's what I would have said had it not been for the $199 Kindle Fire that will be out in mid-November.  Yesterday, Amazon lit the media tablet market on "fire" with the Fire, it's first true tablet.  I'm gonna be calling this a media tablet until we find out more about what it can or cannot do.  

Now, the reduced priced Playbook is $100 more expensive and with less app support than the Kindle.  

As if that isn't bad enough, RIM may have halted Playbook production.  Yup, Reuters is reporting that Quanta has laid off workers at the factory that was responsible for producing the Playbook and RIM may have ceased tablet development altogether. 

Update:  Via CNBC, RIM said the Reuters report is pure fiction. 

We'll know just how this plays out in the coming days.  I know this much.  I'm not buying a Playbook until I can get one for $99.

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