Friday, September 2, 2011

My Current Set-Up for Online Streaming; And Other Options

I've got Netflix but I've cut that back from two DVDs out at a time to just streaming at $8 a month.  So, this is what I am considering for the fall.

I might add Hulu Plus because I think I should catch up with current videos and past seasons of popular shows. Honestly, I am so out of it.  I don't own a TV but I think I should get one just so that I am not too lost with what's going on in society these days.  And for current movies, there is Redbox.  That's the best scheme I can think of...what do you think?

Here's a Dealnews post on the matter.  They broke down the popular options available.  I, of course, use iTunes, to download shows that I like that are not on Hulu.  I tried to give Amazon a look but I just could not.  Amazon just doesn't have a lot to offer right now.

Perhaps, once the Kindle tablet comes out and Amazon bundles it with video offerings, then I'll give it a shot but only if its free.

Take a look at the DN post and see what you think.  I know this.  I'm cutting the cord.  Did it years ago and never looked back.  It's too bad we can't subscribe to ESPN separately.  Hey, Disney.  Think about it.

Source:  Dealnews.

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