Sunday, September 18, 2011

Netflix CEO Goes On Youtube To Apologize, But Offers No Answer, Maybe Made Things Worse

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, went only to offer an apologize for the lack of communication from the company on the price increase and for separating the streaming and DVD services.  On top of that, they introduced a new company called Qwikster that will control the DVD operations.

Essentially, instead of "Netflix" on your red envelope, you'll see "Qwikster".

Here is the video.  It seems sincere enough but it does nothing to address the real issue.  The price increase stays with added value for it.  Hastings said they did not explain the price increase properly.  And in the video, he still did not.  He really did not say anything we already know.

Streaming is the future and overtime, Qwikster will evolve with more other forms of physical media but it will probably die of a slow death as more media becomes digital only and gaming for Netflix becomes irrelevant as app stores take a bigger control.

He is trying to convince us that streaming and DVD operations being separated will be a good thing.  I can see his point in a manner of speaking but I'm not sure he's trying to say what I'm thinking.  Again, Netflix, since the price increase, is set to lose more content with the loss of Starz media.

I'm sorry but I just don't buy it.  I would willing to change my mind if Netflix suddden gains more content between now and Feburary 2012 when Starz content goes offline.

Like I said before, this video has made things worse, not better.

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