Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nvidia's Kal-El 4-Core Mobile Chip Promises Speed and Battery Life with 5th Core

Maybe Nvidia's upcoming chip that will likely go inside the next generation Android tablets and possibly Windows 8 tablets has long been known to have 4-cores. Perhaps, it should more accurately be considered a 5-core solution.

According to Nvidia, Most mobile devices are on active standby for 80% of the time. The idea for Kal-El is that the fifth core becomes active during this standby period, running at a very low frequency and power requirement, allowing the device to sip energy as needed.

When more mobile computing muscle is needed, the other four companion cores become active and the power-saving 5th core goes dormant until needed.

This allowed savings of up to 60%. 60% More efficiency. As mobile warrior, I can't wait.

But keep in mind that Intel promises a day-long mobile devices by 2013 so It is good to see that Nvidia is progressing on that road as well.

Source: Gizmag

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