Politics: If You're A Politician And People Are Asking If You Can "Still" Win, You've Already Lost

I cam across this post titled "Can Bachmann Still Win".  No need to really click through but I just thought I share this one thought.  

If folks are writing about you because you're crazy, you've already lost.  It doesn't matter if it's the left-leaning or right-leaning media or those tabloid channels that brand themselves as cable news.  

If someone is writing if a politician can "still win", he or she has already lost.  In this case, Michelle Bachmann has already lost.  Rick Perry of Texas as sucked up all the Tea Party aroma in the Republican party.  Right now, it's a fight between establishment Republicans that is backing Mitt Romney and Rick "I'm Not George W Bush" Perry and the Tea Partiers.  

Bachmann is polling with Ron Paul like numbers, well, along with Ron Paul.  They will both be kept around by the media just because they get more ratings this way.  Plus, they'll probably end up driving everyone further to the right.

Source:  The Daily Beast.


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