Friday, September 2, 2011

Politics: Letter From Star Bucks’ Howard Shultz Regarding Embargo On Political Contributions Until Partisan Gridlock Is Over

I posted over at Greenjava an e-mail Howard Schultz of Starbucks send us regarding the disarray in Washington and the success so far as the number of CEOs of various companies have pledge to join him in withholding political contributions until the President and Congress gets serious about the nation's future and solving the problem.

This started when Howard e-mailed his Starbucks employees three weeks ago about what the thought was wrong with the country even as he pledge to do what he can for the company's employees.

Perhaps Howard and his friends should get together and fun a third party candidate as well.  I think there definitely could be a lot of interests in that.

What do you think?  Howard, if you run or something, you've got my vote.

Source:  Greenjava.

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