Thursday, September 8, 2011

President Speaking Live Now

I'm gonna cut away all the extra stuff President Obama is saying and get to the meeat of the American Jobs Act.  Because if I include those eloquent comments, it'll only get us to vote for him but without knowing if he has a plan ready to get the country back on the right track.

  • Goal of the AJA is to put Americans back to work and money in our pockets.
  • Tax cut for small business - $4,000 tax cut for businesses who hire someone who who spent more than six months looking for a job.
  • If you have 50 or more employees, that'll get you a $80K tax cut.
  • Money to modernize 35K schools.  Build out the infrastructures.  Revitalize neighborhoods hit by unemployment and hopelessness.
  • Jobs program based on one in Georgia.  One that GOP has supported and highlighed.
  • Typical US family will get $1.5K extra a year next year by extension of the middle class taxes.
  • AJA will be paid for.  Already cut 1.5 trillion over ten years and will cut another 1.5 trillion by Christmas.  Added cost of AJA will need to be offset.
  • A more ambitious deficit plan is coming on September 19th from the President.
  • Involves "modest" changes to Medicare and Mediaid, reforming tax laws.
  • Talked to Dems:  we need to change Medicare.
  • Wants to reform corporate tax code not to favor those who can hire lobbyists but offer it as advantage to those who can best invest and create jobs in the US.
  • Simple math says we cannot give tax credits to small biz and offer loopholes to oil companies.  It's one or the other.
  • Cutting red tape.  The President has been talking about this for too long.  Where the beef, sir?  
  • Patent reform!  But I dig the patent war in the mobile market!  Haha...
  • Want trade agreements passed.
  • We should be in the race to the top which we know we can win (sorry, I know no Obamaism, folks, he's awesome when it's speaking in such a setting.  Very West Wing-esque!
That's it!  

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