Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Riding Your Bike To Charge Your Mobiles

If a bike can charge a lamp as you ride through the night or whenever, it ought to be able to charge your smartphones or small mobile devices.  I've thought about this a while back but it's all DIY.  But now, Silverback Labs has a new line of bikes that allows the rider to charge his or her mobile gets on the go.

Yup, this is definitely something I'm in the market for.  Since my crummy Kmart bike died on me (rather, it fell apart right in front of a police car no less), I think it'll be definitely something I am very interested in.

Will this add a couple of pounds to the bike? Maybe.  I don't mind that at all.  Furthermore, most of my rides are between 20-30 minutes one way.  Longer if I'm on a bike trip through the citiy.  So that should give me added juice for my mobiles.

There's more details at Gizmodo's site.  I can tell you I'm interested in the low end version since the chained bikes are the ones I generally know about.

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